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Simple, Convenient, Fun

FitDeck is a custom deck of playing cards that makes exercise more simple, convenient and fun. By shuffling the cards, you constantly create new and exciting workouts no matter what type of fitness activities you love. With 40 different titles to choose from, you are sure to find a FitDeck that fits your lifestyle.

Pregnant moms stay fit with FitDeck Prenatal, kids stay active with FitDeck Junior, twentysomethings prepare for the military with FitDeck CrossTrain, Mom stays toned with FitDeck Pilates, Dad hits the range with FitDeck Golf, and Grandma stays mobile with FitDeck Senior. FitDeck is your friend for life.


Our Mission

We focus on three things: (1) exercise, (2) training for sports, and (3) nutrition. It's our mission to make each of these elements more simple, convenient, and fun. We do this by simplifying, decluttering, and filtering the noise and distractions that can get in the way of achieving your goals.

Our primary tool to deliver this information is a custom deck of playing cards - in both physical and digital formats. These cards allow you to specify the type of workout you want by choosing from our library of 40 unique FitDeck titles. Shuffle your cards to create an ever-changing, always-fresh workout in 15 seconds or less.


Meet Phil Black

FitDeck, Inc. was founded in 2005 by fitness entrepreneur and inventor Phil Black. Black came up with the idea to create FitDeck after combining the fun of a card game he used to play in college with the rigors of his Navy SEAL training.

FitDeck's growing brand is a result of Black's unique and diverse background:

  • Yale University
  • Harvard Business School
  • Navy SEAL
  • Goldman, Sachs Investment Banker
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Firefighter
  • Entrepreneur (Founder & CEO FitDeck, Inc.)
  • Shark Tank contestant
  • Speaker
  • Husband and father of four boys

Dynamic Speaker

Phil's life has been defined by facing many of life's biggest fears - fear of failure, loss, change, survival, high expectations, and most importantly, the unknown. These are the same fears every individual and every organization must embrace if we are to reach our full potential. Phil's unique experiences will garner instant respect from your audience.

Academically, Phil has degrees from two Ivy League schools - Yale University and Harvard Business School. As a businessperson, Phil worked on Wall Street as an Investment Banker for Goldman, Sachs. As an entrepreneur, Phil founded a fitness company from his garage that has generated millions in revenue and created a new category of fitness equipment. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, The New York Times, and on the hit TV series "Shark Tank". His experience as a Navy SEAL and a Firefighter rounds out his credentials with powerful insights about leadership, accountability, discipline, honor, teamwork, communication, and trust, just to name a few.

Phil has taken the best of each of these experiences and created a captivating and moving presentation that will leave your audience energized and charged to be FEARLESS in their pursuit of success and happiness.

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Coaches & Trainers

As Coaches and Trainers, it's our job to motivate and inspire our clients. It doesn't matter if these "clients" play on a 6-year old girls soccer team, high school boys football team, or Team USA - they all crave the same things: variety, new stuff, and fun! They want their workouts to be mixed up, different, and challenging. Even the most devoted athlete gets burned out on the same old thing.

That's where FitDeck comes in! Use FitDeck to mix up regular routines and add new elements. With 40 titles now available, there's a lot to choose from. Create a "FitDeck Friday" workout, build a strength program based on rotating FitDeck titles, or use FitDeck as a post-practice conditioning tool. Let the players choose their own cards and create their own workouts. Be creative and have fun.


Parents & Teachers

Parents and teachers can use FitDeck to motivate their kids to move around and exercise. Kids love pulling cards from a fanned-out deck. They feel empowered, in control, and excited to see what card they chose. Use this instinct to your advantage by introducing FitDeck to your kids.

Children from K-6 would benefit most from FitDeck Junior, FitDeck Superman, and the Games & Activities Booklet. Middle schoolers and older would use FitDeck Bodyweight. Of course there are 38 more FitDeck titles, but the aforementioned titles are the most simple and convenient because they require only bodyweight - no weights, machines or equipment. Just shuffle the cards and go!


Military & Law Enforcement

If you're a military person, Law Enforcement official, or any other type of Industrial Athlete, your body is your most precious asset - one that needs to stay strong, flexible and durable. Your life (and ours) depends on your fitness level and its ability to perform when called on. It's a shared responsibility.

Many of you work in remote areas, far away from the plush gyms and spas that some enjoy. That doesn't mean you get a pass for staying in shape. That's why we've developed a range of FitDeck titles that require nothing but your bodyweight. These titles can be used anywhere, anytime. We've also put together a "Military Bundle" that has some of the most popular titles among military personnel.



Three core traits of elite athletes: (1) talent & work ethic, (2) sports-specific skills, (3) fitness & athleticism. Unfortunately, FitDeck has yet to figure out how to help with #1. Traits 2 & 3, however, can be mastered with the use of many FitDeck titles.

FitDeck Sports builds the sports-specific skills any aspiring athlete will need to dominate their sport. Titles include FitDeck Basketball, Golf, Lacrosse, Swimming, and Soccer. Use these titles to master the skills required in your chosen sport.

FitDeck Performance enhances your fitness and athleticism with titles like Speed Ladder, CrossTrain, SAQ, Plyometrics and many more. Improve your explosiveness, bounce, footwork, and quickness.


Custom FitDecks

Join NIKE, Colgate-Palmolive, Dallas Mavericks, NYC Department of Education, U.S. Navy, Doug Hanson and many others to create a custom-branded FitDeck with your company or organization's logo. Anchor your brand in the minds of others while they get into great shape using FitDeck.

Customized FitDecks make unique corporate gifts, leave-behinds, giveaways and wellness incentives. Most popular branded FitDecks include FitDeck Bodyweight, Office, Stretch, and Junior.

Minimum quantity: 2,500 units (more info)

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FitDeck has a rapidly growing list of retailers, wholesalers, distributors, catalogs, fitness professionals and wellness organizations who resell FitDeck into their target markets. Our retail packaging is perfect for countertop displays, hooks, individual placement, and spinners. Please contact us for more information.

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International Distributors

Our products are sold around the world through the trusted distributors listed below. If you live outside of the U.S. you may find a FitDeck distributor near you. Although we do ship internationally, we recommend purchasing from one of our quality partners in your area for faster delivery and lower shipping costs.

FitDeck UK

FitDeck Canada

FitDeck Australia

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FitDeck Sweden

FitDeck Netherlands

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